THINK - What are your expectations for having a web site? Even the smallest web sites usually require a few pages...a Home page, About Us page and Contact page. Perhaps your web site needs a few pages to display your products, or a Frequently Asked Questions page. Your site can be customized any way you wish.
DESIGN - Most web sites require at least some graphic elements. Is there a specific color scheme you would need to use, or a particular logo? Keep a list of websites that you like and try to note what it is that you like about them. Is it the color? The way the information is organized? The simplicity of the graphics?
CONTENT - Do you have text written that can be modified for the web site? Or does a new copy need to be written? Do you need photographs of your products, personnel, facility, etc.? I will use a customized WordPress content management solution to help you manage the information that is seen on your website. This will give you complete control over images, text, page creation, etc...
IMPLEMENT - Registering your domain name and hosting services should be done as early as possible with a reputable registration service. The cost of a domain name and hosting varies based on the service selected. When choosing your domain name, think about how easy it will be for users to type. I use an online project management system so that you will know the progress of your site at any time.
ADVERTISE - One of the quickest way to advertise your website is to send out an email announcement with information and links to your site. Or you can reach hundreds of new contacts using social media, which connects your business with Internet "word-of-mouth". Using analytic tools, you can see how your users are accessing your site so you can focus your advertising campaigns.


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