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My vision is simple. I want to create great looking and affordable websites for businesses, non-profits and individuals that allow them to build their brand without breaking their budget.


I can’t tell you how many times I’ve passed a company truck, a store window or a yard sign that did not list a website. It does list a phone number, but the chances of me remembering that phone number are about as great as my dog doing my taxes. Now if you list your website, I will remember that. Then I can find your website, see what you offer and in turn contact you for a potential profit-generating opportunity.


A little about me… I am a very detail-oriented person that will help you drive the process of creating and building your website from the exciting start to the even more exciting end – and every turn in between. I’m very optimistic and driven to succeed. Your website creation process will be taken very seriously, but we will have fun along the way.


I am also the very proud father of two and husband of one. Web design is not my full time gig. It does not cover all the bills. Why do I do it? Two reasons:


  1. My family. I aim to give my two little boys a great head start in life. My full time job is my plan for the present and retirement. Building websites is my plan to give them the opportunity to buy e-books in college someday (because they won’t be using text books in 18 years… will they??). I want them to see and experience the world around them. I want them to have a full life with great opportunities. And this helps me help them without sacrificing the money we need to pay bills and plan for retirement. Please don’t confuse this for a sob story… love and family is a true blessing from God, and is the reason we get up each morning and dream at night.
  2. You. I love to design and develop websites. I have ever since I graduated college SEVERAL years ago. It’s like painting a picture and hanging it in a museum for everyone to see… except it directly impacts my clients and helps grow their business. It’s a beautiful combination of geek + grace. Honestly, I love it so much, I just used the word “beautiful” in a sentence to describe my passion. I should have my man card revoked for that, but still I press on.


Contact me for a free quote and to learn how we can get started.

Findlay, Ohio web design and infographic design